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About us
Founded in July, 1997, Dongguan Lanxin Rubber and Plastic Technology CO.,Ltd is a professional production and process
integrated enterprise to combine the raw materials production and processing accessories, with RMB 2000,000
registered capital.

Shockproof Series: various silicone rubber sealing ring, keypad, miscellaneous accessories, sponge (cutting for
special shape sponges), high foaming, EPE(pearl wool), EVA(it is available to be shaped through hot and cold compresses), CR, PU, PORON.

Special Tapes: 3M tape, protective film tape, NITTO tape, SONY tape, TESA tape and all double faced adhesive tapes with the base material or without the base material, electrical insulation tape, tape for electronic field, acetate cloth tape, etc..

Insulation Materials: various PVC, PET(MYLAR), PC, PP, PS, FR series, FIBER, NYLON, heat conductivity silicone band and sheet, foil copper, aluminum foil, EMI shielding foam gasket(EMI shielding gasket), EMI fire prevention, shielding, etc..

Plastic Speaker Net Series: PC, PVC, PS, PET, PP, etc.

Additionally, there are silk screen printings for many kinds of electronic nameplates, PVC, PC, PET, PMMA
panels, various color stickers printing, and fabric boxes and handbags for any advanced electronics, covering
the wide-ranging industries, such as: electronics, plastics, toys, hardware etc.

Subsidiaries were established consecutively in Guangzhou, Zhongshan, Shenzhen after 2001, due to the
operation scale expansion based on the ceaseless accumulation and innovation in Dongguan Lanxin Industrial
Co., Ltd. ISO9001:2000 International Quality Management System Certification was awarded in September,
2004 based on the management improvement. It was a landmark that Dongguan Lanxin Industrial Co., Ltd.
completes itself factory buildings, representing a new start for us. With the market development, we
emphasizes not only further growth to meet the market requirements, but more importantly, it indicates our
social benefit and self-development. In July, 2006, a silicone rubber, sponge NC cutting machine and laser
production workshops were established; in March, 2008, high speed fully automatic coating machine was
added. Meanwhile, In May, 2008, ISO 14001:2004 International Environmental Management System
Certification was granted. In 2009, cold pressing, silk-screen printing in the level of 1 million dust-free and
press workshops were built, to be the distributor and chosen processor for 3M products.We are agent for TENTE, Roechling Engineering Plasfics.

We strive to go from strength to strength under the circumstance of fierce market competition, in the spirit
of pragmatic innovation, with the entrepreneurial attitudes of pursuing satisfaction of customers through our
excellent products and services, based on the high-quality talents and advanced equipments constantly
introduced. Today, Dongguan Lanxin Rubber and Plastic Technology CO.,Ltd has been in the leading position in this industry
of the Pearl River Delta Region.

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